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Orange Shadow

A Bit About Me

Welcome to the world inside my mind, where imagination takes flight and stories spring to life.


My pen name is Sarah Evans – a dreamer, storyteller, and your secret weapon in the art of writing.

Ever since I can remember, books became my refuge.The magic of storytelling captivated me early on, and inspired me to write my own. Fuelled by boundless creativity, relentless honesty, and a growth mindset, I've embarked on a journey to bring my imagination to life.

Through an online company, I've had the thrilling opportunity to be a ghostwriter behind novels. This journey has allowed me to be apart of diverse and fascinating projects, which taught me a lot. 


I am currently busy with Non-Fiction Book projects.

So far, I have ghostwritten:

  • A fantasy children's book of 30,000 words and collaborated on the plot outline.

  • A fantasy/dystopian fiction novel of 80,000 words and collaborated on the plot outline.

  • A thriller/suspense fiction novel of 70,000 words and created the plot outline.

  • A romance fiction novel of 20,000 words and created the plot outline.

Having authored several books and more brewing, each project becomes my greatest obsession. I revel in crafting fresh perspectives and exploring new horizons in every piece I write.

I am passionate about fiction writing, yet I also find great satisfaction in writing factual pieces. Blogging has been a rewarding and enjoyable pursuit, and I plan to continue expanding on it.


If you need engaging, SEO-focused blogs for your website or have an idea for a novel and don't know how to put it on paper, I can help you out.

I look forward to hearing from you! Join me on this enchanting journey through the realms of imagination.

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