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Aligning Passion, Projects, and Personal Well-being in Freelancing

As a ghostwriter freelancing on an online platform, it's challenging to know where to direct your energy. Unlike the traditional 9-5 job, where you're guaranteed a salary for your efforts, the freelancer's journey is quite different. From searching for projects and contacting clients to dedicating time for research and writing samples; there is lots to be done before the paid project can begin.

You might find yourself investing a significant amount of time and energy without seeing tangible results.

In this blog, I'll discuss my process when searching for projects and deciding which ones are worth my time.

On the online platform where I source my projects, clients can reach out, but given the number of freelancers available, it's necessary to take initiative and proactively contact clients yourself.

Initially, when I started my journey, I was so eager for projects that I applied for all of them, without considering that I might be overextending myself.

Eager to secure projects, I would spend hours meticulously crafting the perfect few sentences for each sample. Not yet knowing which project suited me best, I would write numerous samples in a day, unnecessarily draining a lot of my creative energy.

Writing fiction is a very personal and emotionally inclined endeavor. When I delve into my creative realm to conjure a story that has never existed before, I often feel depleted, especially if a client don't see its potential as I do.

Rejection can indeed be seen as redirection, but overextending yourself can often lead to burnout. Securing the book project you want requires more than talent and timing; it requires true alignment.

Ever since I've embraced the concept of what it means to truly align with a book project, the right opportunities have come at the right time. This doesn't mean I don't still face rejection, because I do, and that's part of the process. There's always someone out there who might be more qualified, better suited, and more aligned with the client.

It's crucial to never get discouraged and to keep your mind a fertile garden for creativity to flourish.

Strategies for Aligning with Your True Desires and Securing Ideal Book Projects:

  1. Take the time to really get to know yourself and understand the motives behind why you do what you do, or want what you want. Sure, we all chase projects for the ultimate prize: money. But when you decide to walk the creative path, your drive goes beyond just cash. If it's just about the paycheck for you, then a regular 9-5 might be better for you. However, if you're aiming to land creative book projects that resonate with the stories you like to tell, patience and self-awareness are crucial.

  2. Close some doors so that the right ones can open. I'm not a fan of boxing in my creative talents, but if you're looking to snag the book project you want, you've got to narrow down where your focus is directed. What kind of stories lights your fire? Which genres fit best with your writing? What books do you like to read and often get obsessed with? How many words/chapters are you comfortable with writing? Asking yourself similar questions can guide you to the types of writing projects you should really be investing your time in. You're likely to be more motivated to work on a project if you feel a connection to the requirements and the client's vision.

  3. Choose your preferred genre and writing style, and stick with it—at least until you have fully completed the application process. Once you've figured out your preferred genres to write about, it's time to sift through the available book projects out there. Some will demand more of your time than others, which is another way to filter out the ones that don't appeal to you. Do you thrive on juggling multiple smaller projects, or are you the type to dive deep into one extensive project for a longer stretch? Personally, I prefer the latter approach—getting completely absorbed in a single project ensures that I can deliver exactly what the client wants, fueled by passion and focus.

  4. After finding the perfect project, contacting the client, doing research and writing the sample, reevaluate. What does it feel like when you are truly aligned with a project? It is going to be different for everyone. Alignment with a project might feel like a natural fit where skills, interests, and values resonate deeply with the goals and objectives of the project. It's a sense of excitement and connection, knowing that you are ready to overcome any obstacle standing in your way to successfully complete the project. Make sure that you still feel this sense of excitement at each stage, especially when communicating with you potential client as you will work as a team. After considering all this, I hope you've just saved yourself some time – and remember, time is the most precious commodity we have. At first, it might be tough only applying for one or two projects from a list of 20, especially not knowing if you'll even snag one. In my experience, I prefer to take a chance on a few projects that genuinely excite me rather than spend endless hours applying for every available opportunity and not securing a book project that truly resonates with me. The goal is always to provide clients with the best possible work, which requires being fully in tune with the project. This ensures an enjoyable creative process, rather than struggling or losing sleep over a vision that doesn't quite click.

Living in a constant state of anxiety over the unknown and what's next is far from ideal for fostering success.

As a writer, I'm a big believer in the power of mindset and imagination. Landing that dream project is as much about personal growth as it is about professional development. Get your head in the game and laser-focus on your goals.

Recognize the value you hold as a storyteller, bringing a whole new universe into existence.

Don't squander your precious time and energy on endless scrolling and fruitless applications. Instead, invest your efforts in honing your skills, carving out your niche, and building relationships with clients who see the world through a similar lens.



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