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Don't Let Your Smile Fade: Overcoming Rejection and Roadblocks

Although rejection is a part of the process of being a freelance ghostwriter, it can definitely sometimes get the best of you. In this blog, I'll share how I navigate rejection and maintain focus on potential future projects, rather than dwelling on the past.

Dealing with the frustration of blocks on the road to success can be frustrating, to say the least. Experiencing rejection can feel like riding a rollercoaster that suddenly stops in mid-air, upside down. Just like in that situation, sometimes all you can do is wait for the ride to continue. Trust that the block will be removed, whether you overanalyze why you got stuck or not. All you can do from your side is to practice patience.

You need to learn to let go of trying to control things that are beyond your power.

Tip one: Wait it out and take the time to breathe.

Waiting for a response from a potential client takes time, and finding a new project that aligns with your goals after rejection also involves a waiting period.This is why the freelancer journey is not for the faint of heart. The anxiety can get the best of even the most mentally stable person, especially when they see their money disappearing faster than it is growing.

Take a breath and remember you're not alone. Many freelancers have been in the exact same position as you, and if this is your journey to success, things do work out eventually.

'Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.'

Don’t let despair consume you. Stay engaged in activities you love, like a passion project or writing your own novel. Repeated rejections can take a toll, leaving you feeling drained and defeated. Get your creative flow back by allowing yourself to make time for things you love.

Don't push the uncomfortable feelings away, It's natural to question if this is the path you're meant to walk. Take a break from applications and ask yourself the hard questions. Am I still aligned with my desires? Do I need a break from my craft? What can I do in my off time to better my prospects for successfully snatching my next project?

Tip two: Take time to reevaluate the feedback you receive and keep an open mind.

Sometimes rejection is redirection but maybe it also comes as a teacher. Investigating the feedback, if any, that you are receiving from potential clients might be the key to overcoming the block. If you're certain that you're choosing projects you genuinely want to write about and feel aligned with, yet still face rejection, delve deeper into the reasons why.

This is when I begin to reassess my writing portfolio and the samples on my profile. You can always do better today than you have done yesterday. Don’t be afraid of change, growth is a part of the journey, if not the point after all. 

Take this block in the road as an opportunity for rest and recuperation and come back stronger. Better your skills by updating your writing samples and changing up your approach when dealing with potential clients. As you get better in your craft, so does your competition. Each new level brings new challenges. Just keep pushing forward. Failure only happens if you stop, and why would you ever want to stop writing?

Tip three: Make new plans and explore alternative routes along the way.

If you've exhausted all your efforts and the block persists, it might be time to consider taking a different approach. I think there are numerous paths to success and they all look different. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, so try a different approach while keeping your dream alive.

If you need immediate financial assistance and can’t wait for your new project to find its way to you. Consider exploring a different side hustle, or remember that writing opportunities extend beyond just ghostwriting for blogs and novels. I don’t recommend wasting your energy to mindlessly sign up for every freelancer platform out there but if seeing available potential projects, keeps your spirits high, by all means, do it. 

If you're determined to make your freelance ghostwriting career work, explore different avenues to find new projects. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and don’t rely on one company or platform to fulfill all your needs. Building an online presence like our own website can attract clients without you having to actively search for them. Establish your online presence and let clients come to you.

Tip four: Try again with renewed energy on your side.

When you encounter new potential projects and your primary emotion is excitement rather than fear of rejection, it's a cue to harness that creative energy and dive back in. While you wait for the application process to go your way, keep your mind busy with things worth your time and be around people who breathe life into your dream instead of doubt. 

The rejections will eventually have to stop and the block too shall pass. If you keep going and bettering your craft, life has no choice but to make way for your creative force.

Don't loose sight of your end goal, what you are seeking is also seeking you. 

Your next project is waiting for you! Fail and fail some more; then try again, and remember the end just like the beginning starts with you. Your willpower is your ally, and wants to create the life you desire. Trust that just as you seek your perfect client, they are also seeking your unique skills and offerings.



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