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How I Landed My Dream Job As a Ghostwriter

In this blog I will be talking about my experience working as a ghostwriter for an online company; starting with the job application to how I landed my first project.

Like all job applications, the application process took some time and effort. It was not easy to get in but not hard at all to apply. I applied through their website and answered a few questions, then I had to submit a short writing sample. This was only the beginning but I was already excited and tackled this application like I would my first writing project. The moment I got the email that I passed the first test, I was ecstatic. I knew this was only the start and that my application was far from done but I was ready and motivated for whatever came next.

The next step, better put, hurdle was to write a few chapters for a novel. I could choose the plot outline that I resonated with and had three days to finish my first ever chapter for the company. Thinking back, now that I have written four books already, the first chapter I had to write for the company, was my most challenging to date.

I wanted to get in so bad that I spend the following three days glued to my screen, I had to write the perfect chapter. I went through so many emotions, most of all I was tackling the monster in the back of my head that kept telling me that I was not good enough. After some tears, I eventually slayed that monster and submitted my first ever chapter. I was beyond nervous, checking my emails every 5 seconds to make sure I don’t miss an update.

To my surprise, I got in! This day was kind of a turning point in my life, I always loved to write but never truly dared to show my writing to anyone. Not only did I conquer the fear of potential embarrassment but also got a new sense of belief in myself and my skills that I had never had before. It was exciting to be a part of something great, a creative community where there were lots of others exactly like me.

The online company does a lot to build community, you get access to their platform and a slack channel where there is loads of ‘coworkers’ to connect with. You never have to feel left out in the dark because if you have a question or concern, there is a very good chance that someone else also had a similar one. The slack channel has helped me a lot with getting started on the platform, dealing with queries and in landing my first project.

The company has a great community of creatives and in my opinion this is one of the best parts of being a freelancers on this platform. You never have to feel alone, from sharing funny meme’s to dealing with platform queries, anything you need answers for, you will get.

Landing a spot on the platform was only the first step to successfully landing projects. You have a few things you need to do after signing the contract. You can customize your profile, write a bio, your experience, and even add samples of previous work. This can take some time to complete and get right, but after your profile is decorated, it only ads to the motivation to land a job.

Depending on your writing reviews and scores, you fall into a payment tier, which can change and upgrade in time. If your profile is set up and ready you can start by browsing available orders, and applying for the ones you resonate with. There is several writing niches available in on the platform but as I got in as a fiction writer, most of my available projects were Plot Outlines or Fiction Novels.

In my experience, writing a plot outline is the perfect first step in landing a writing project. I had the opportunity to write plot outlines and the actual novels after and that is an amazing and challenging experience.

To apply for the opportunity to write a novel for the project of your liking, you write a short sample and a message to the client. I landed my first project quite fast and the experience was amazing. The client was lovely and the novel turned out great. The second project also came as a blessing and again were completed successfully with a happy client, what more could one ask for? I guess some people would call it beginners luck but I being someone that has always had to go the extra mile to truly get what I want, would disagree. Hard work, dedication and keeping on keeping on has brought me way further in life than any strike of luck could.

The best part of working as a ghostwriter is the fact that I can do what I love and focus on my strengths which is writing, without the added stress of publishing or selling the novel. After you submit your writing, you get paid and you are done. Whatever comes next, is your client’s problem and I love that fact. I don’t pretend to be a businesswoman or NY Best Seller yet, I am a writer and I just want to write.

In my opinion, online companies are a great gateway to start your Ghostwriting career as a Fiction Writer. It is also a great for a clients, that want a drama free experience and fast service. Sure, there was challenges along the way, especially when the deadline is getting close and the writers block is in full control. Luckily, with a great community, you never have to feel alone in your struggles.



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